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    Forum Positions

    Post by Reign on Wed Dec 09, 2009 2:36 am

    Administrator - The Awesome Guys

    Head Moderator or Super Moderator - In Charge or Leader of Global Moderators and Moderators , Head Mod can accept and deny applications

    Global Moderator - Agent of Head Moderator , They Clean the Forum , closing threads , trashing some junk threads , banned dumb players , banned all violators Smile in short : forum janitor

    Moderator - Same as Global Moderator but it can only moderates one forum section

    GFX Designer - People that talented in Designing , Making Signatures , Banners , Logo , Navigation Bars , Rank Bars etc....

    V.i.p. - a Very Important Person , this guy was appointed by the admins

    Donator a person who helped the site/forum by donating

    Registered Users - its you Razz

    Banned - Users didn't obey or didn't read the rules


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